Effective out-of-hours online and phone psychotherapy

Ideal for busy people, frequent travellers and those unable to travel

Evening weekday sessions available (UK time)

Are you:

  • feeling empty, sad, numb or a lack of meaning and fulfilment in your life?
  • feeling stressed, angry, worried or panicked?
  • facing a major change or challenge in your life and needing help to steer through it?
  • having difficulty motivating yourself, making choices or knowing what you want?
  • exhausted by unrelenting pressure to do more and be more?
  • troubled by your increasing consumption or compulsions?

Escape from a narrow world and recover your brightness and balance

Life can be bruising and feel all uphill at times. Our early life may have imprinted constricting, painful beliefs on us about our low worth to ourselves and others, or that we cannot change ourselves or our lives or a general lack of hope for the future. We may feel driven to work to exhaustion for a vision of success that feels always out of reach. Any setback or milestone in life can make us feel stuck and lost.

Online psychotherapy or counselling can help you find your way back to the best version of yourself from a safe, convenient location of your choice and fitting around any other time commitments. I’m happy to have an initial introduction chat to answer any questions and help you decide if you’d like to work with me.

So if you would like some support to find your way forward, let’s get started.

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