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Get started on your path to recovery by requesting a free, no obligation, initial introductory call or Zoom to decide if my approach is right for you. Please use the form below or email [email protected] providing the same information.

You can also contact me on 07300 077 037. Please leave a voice message if I am unable to answer or feel free to contact me by SMS or Whatsapp.

I always aim to respond within 24 hours to any message.

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Please provide a phone number on which you can be contacted.
Please let me know here whether you would prefer to have the introductory call by Zoom or by phone. Zoom invitations are sent by email. Please also suggest some dates and UK times after 5pm when you would be available.
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Unfortunately, due to insurance limitations, only clients currently residing in the UK or Ireland can be treated.
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Answer ‘Yes’ if nobody else can read your email and ‘No’ if they may be read by other people. The usual method of arranging sessions is by email or SMS rather than phone call but please describe the extent of private communications channels available to you. Let me know in the message box above if there are any actions needed to protect your privacy.
Answer ‘Yes’ if nobody answers your phone, reads your SMS or listens to your voice messages and ‘No’ if your calls, voicemails or SMS may be accessed by others
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